I Grew up in is a place where memories run deep, wound together with stories, news, and images from our past and our present. So whether you’re a Boomer, Gen X, or Millennial it’s all about you. We invite you to fill this old shoe box with images and memories. Let’s reconnect with our hometowns and where we live today. Login now, complete your profile, including your hometown address and you’ll find that you’ve created a map of your old neighborhood! Welcome to iGrewUpIn.com we’re glad you’re home.

Who Knows Local

No one knows their towns or cities better than our hometown newspapers. Some would say the people who grew up there know it best. Imagine combining those two sources of local content, keeping communities engaged and informed. iGrewUpIn.com wants to rebuild community connections lost to oversized social media. We want “kitchen table” discussions with our friends and neighbors back in our lives. Let’s deliver local news the old way by connecting on a deeper more personal level. iGrewUpIn, enhanced by Bloom’s geolocative technology does just that.


Remember when your local newspaper was THE trusted source for news? The News was dropped on our doorstep. It’s really no different today. People still want their news to come to them but today our trust is not something we should give lightly. The relationship with local publishers and community is based in trust, after all we’ve been friends for a long time. Where we choose to consume content and share the news has really not changed much. It’s always been someplace close to “me”.

Local Scale

If ALL of our local media shared an online delivery platform, where content was enhanced by geolocative technologies and wrapped in the context of some of our deepest connections, well that would be a pretty special place for local news to reside. Pretty much everyone can identify with the place they grew up. iGrewUpIn accesses that local identity. We have consumers discovering and sharing content from their hometown and where they live today. Geo-location defines the origin of content and spatial journalism brings trust back to online content. iGrewUpIn thinks local scales up rather nicely.

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