A Single Point of Entry

Simple and consistent. If social media has taught us anything it is that people and community must be the central focus of any distribution platform. Simply put, distribution via social media needs to be about the consumer and their lives, first. The offer of news is a tough sell to today’s content consumer though. The news needs to become a part of the consumer’s lives again and iGrewUpIn offers personal context to local content.  There are so many ways to find local content, there are in fact too many choices. A single point of entry to local news verticles presents an opportunity. Simple access for the consumer and brand consistency. In creating such an entry point we will combine multiple small markets with a single consistent brand, one that is about the most important places in the lives of consumers in different towns and cities. In that is the opportunity for scale. Geo-location defines the origin of the content and spatial journalism brings trust back to online content. With news from where you live, news from where you grew up and wherever your feet are today. Local can scale up rather nicely.

Real Personal Engagement

iGrewUpIn.com has been asking; How do providers of local news add a more personal tone and deepen the relationship with local content consumers? By engaging the local content consumer in a delightful new way and remind them that we’re from the same places. We share a connection and iGrewUpIn think’s we can reconnect by way of social distribution. A huge emotional advantage is being missed. A person’s geo-location offers the industry a strong shared connection to a common past and where we live today. It’s the connection to a place that brings a personally relevant context to content. 

We now know social networks have become the gateway to news, yet local media has no interactive digital distribution of their own. Some of our oldest friends and local voices could soon be gone and local knowledge will disappear with them. Social media, at a local scale, is an opportunity to have these voices heard again.

iGrewUpIn.com has an inherent emotional trust through people we know, real people, real places. Making authentic connections will be an opportunity for real engagement.


Demo User


We’ve created a Demo User who Grew up in Brooklyn, and lives in South Florida today, connecting with people and places, discovering and sharing content.

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