My address was 7 Chartley Avenue. Middlesex England.
The school was Wykeham.
I was 13 years old when war was declared. I lived with my grandparents most of my life’s at 13 Aylebury Street. Middlesex England. My best friend was Brenda Slaughter, where are you now Brenda? My 1st love was Leslie Doebel, and where are you Leslie?
The war years were rough. I remember sleeping in a shelter in the garden every night for many years. But we were lucky, most people slept in the underground at the tube stations.
Now I will tell you how lucky my family was during the war years. One night a bomb was dropped at the bottom of the road. ? LUCKY me it did not go off?

Each day I rode my bicycle to work (I worked about ten miles from home in a shoe store). I got home just in time to go to the air raid shelter.

As I got to the age of seventeen (I had Been taking dancing lessons since I was four years old) I joined a band as the dancer. It was like your group in this country (America). We entertained the troops mostly American camps. We traveled all over England and I met my husband He was a vocalist with the outfit. He was drafted and went to war.
I am now 88 years old and this happened many years ago. A lot has happened in my life over the years, and I hope to share more stories with you here.
Jean (Walklett) Hahn


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