I recall during the war years we had coupons for food and clothes. Also we could not show any lights at night. It was a very dismal and scary time.
When Ron (the vocalist in the band) returned from the war we decided to get married. Where was I going to get a wedding dress? Not enough coupons to buy one. So I borrowed one.

By this time Dad had a pub in Camden Town. So the wedding was held there, and Ron and myself decided to work for my dad. Dad bought a hotel in Hastings (close to Brighton) Ron and myself worked for him, by this time the war (not the damage) was over. It was an interesting job however I don’t recommending working for a parent. Also it was the time when television came about, WOW that was really something.

My next episode will be when the baby Barry arrived and we left England.

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  1. Barbara Roeder 5 years ago

    Can’t wait!

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