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    Just to comment on the post from Ron Roeder reprinting a Wikipedia article about Pioneer City. Mr. Weiss was partners in Pioneer City with my father, Joseph Hancock and Richard Griffin, Sr. They developed and built Pioneer City and were the owners. Mr. Weiss was not the sole creator and owner of Pioneer City. I was there when it was built and spend almost everyday there after school. I was in elementary school but was with my dad many times when he was hiring staff for Pioneer City among other things. My dad has passed away and so has Mr. Griffin but we still have the antique cash register from the Saloon and other memorabilia from the closing of the park. It was so sad and I remember how devastated my dad was – he loved that park and worked very hard to make it a success. Pirate’s World, another amusement park opened in Dania Beach and that is what killed Pioneer City. Not rainy days. I just want my dad and Uncle Dick (Richard Griffin) to get the credit they deserve. I am not sure how Mr. Weiss ended up getting sole credit but it is not true.

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