There is trust to be found in our shared geolocations. The iGrewUpIn social delivery platform offers a chance to reach audiences in multiple markets, where you live, where you grew up, or wherever you might be today. proposes a delivery medium where we build on a shared connection to place and this multi-tiered opportunity. We want to create a shared brand for hometown news providers. While delighting its members with shared stories, images, and local content iGrewUpIn will create the opportunity to regain local and national revenue for our struggling hometown sources of journalism.

News is an inherently social commodity, and today it is a commodity that requires deeply relatable context. That is, for publishers to regain its connection to content consumers. Few new business models have come directly from the industry. What’s needed is an idea that will reconnect them with their local audience and generate revenue to support the important work they do

We developed a Beta platform whose purpose is to portray how to reconnect hometown publishers with consumers of local content. The concept is our effort to deliver people to various local news channels by providing a deeply personal context to local content. Using a visually focused, niche social site iGUI wants to reconnect hometown media with consumers lost to today’s outsized social media.

There is nothing more genuine than hometown news, news from the trusted sources we grew up with. Content consumers are recognizing the effect of phony news sources, delivered via oversized social media. Publishers need to present local content in a unique way and design a personal, interactive experience with the consumers of local content.

Our struggling downtown businesses, know social media advertising is important, but how local is today’s social media? Or better yet, how local can it be? Why can’t local news providers take back a bit of the audience and revenue lost to oversized social media and offer local advertisers social media at a local scale?

We think it’s by asking a very simple question… Where did you grow up?



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