You know what happens when friends come up with an idea while sitting in their garage… and that idea seemed pretty cool. So you get some more friends involved and they think it’s pretty cool too.

Well this is what happens…, a place where Social and Retro collide. As the idea grew we realized that we could recreate a place in time where people’s connections run deep.

The places you hung out, the experiences you’ve had, and the things you cherished are all right here!

Memories, friends, stories, photos; everything that brought your old neighborhood together is here on an easy to use, easy to navigate site.

Our goal is to bring people together. There are plenty of sites that have individual neighborhood “pages”, but here those pages become interconnected.

You know those friends that you could sit with for hours talking about everything and nothing at the same time? Well, they’re waiting for you at iGrewUpIn!

Come on, grab a chair, let’s catch up! We’re glad you’re here!


Have any questions? Just ask, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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