Summer’s coming. Time to head to the Sycamore diner in Bethel CT. Retro cars in parking lot, Hot dogs… summer. They used to have “car hops” I wondered if they still do, but only on Friday or Saturday night. This place is just a classic. Whether we walked or got a ride. It was one of those places where we’d meet to grab a burger after a game or after a movie. Seems like I lost touch with that part of my life sometimes. Those places are just hard to come by any more. Saw a picture in the Rutland Herald, Vermont today as the back hoe tore down a sign from the MIdway Diner. I guess there’s still hope becasue there’s an actual drive up A&W Root Beer joint outside of MIddlebury VT. (Not in a Mall… shocking huh ? ) Who remembers A&W ?, raise you hand or better yet comment… do kids even still raise their hands ?


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