I come from a long line of Norwegian Lutherans from the Upper Midwest, they lived in and still do live in North Dakota, South Dakota, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Minnesota, Northern Illinois, and in Wisconsin. The Haried / Herreid / Hæreid family from which I come from lives in all these states. Anyways I came from a Garrison Keillor, Lake Wobegon type of family that moved to Arizona because my dad got a great paying job teaching Accounting & Finance at Arizona State University… I was born Leif Eriksson Day, Odin’s day in northeast Iliinois where the University of Illinois is which my dad got his masters degree there. February of 1969 I was 5 months old then and our family moved to Tempe, Arizona so my dad could teach there. I grew up in Tempe, Arizona and lived there for 22 years until I moved to Tuscon and went to the Univeristy of Arizona. I went to Tempe High school before going to McClintock High School……


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